About Western Red Cedar Pole Association


The Western Red Cedar Pole Association represents the manufacturers of cedar utility poles in North America.

The Association provides educational material addressing the manufacture and use of cedar utility poles. A quarterly newsletter, Cedar Pole News, is published and provided for the electrical utility industry across Canada and the United States. The newsletter features articles discussing the use of cedar utility poles by various electrical utilities and provides other significant information concerning issues that affect the utility industry today.

Cedar has been trusted for centuries to provide quality products from Native American canoes to building materials such as siding and roofing as well as cedar utility poles. Cedar poles date as far back as the late 1800's when they were used for early telegraph systems and power poles because of their natural durability.

Unlike other species, cedar's heartwood produces chemical compounds called extractives that naturally resist decay, fungi and insects. Western red cedar can withstand extreme desert temperature, mountain snowfall, high winds and rain assuring a long service life.

To assure long pole life, WRCPA members use extensive quality management programs to insure physical characteristics meet standards before treatment and to check treatment results

West Kootenay Power is Canada's oldest integrated electic utility and the winner of WRCPA's Oldest Pole Contest. The oldest pole (above) has been in service since 1897.  

Western red cedar poles are inspected several times
from harvest to final shipment to assure ANSI and
AWPA standards are met.

Members of WRCPA produce cedar utility poles using only EPA registered chemicals and apply
them under strict guidelines to assure environmental compatibility and user safety.

bore checking
Increment core boring checks for
penetration and retention.




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